Process Engineering

CNC Accuracy

Our Process

The process we go through is as important to us as the results achieved for our clients. We specifically design our process for every project based upon each client’s unique needs. Throughout any project, our goal is to make our client’s experience with us as seamless and pleasant as possible. While every job and project is unique, our manufacturing and engineering process involves the following stages:

After years of experience, Die Sand has created a specialized work flow that allows for a quote to be created, approved, and automatically imported directly into the scheduling system. This integration provides increasing tracking, efficiency, and more effective reporting capabilities. Making the quote process a seamless experience for our customers is a top priority.

Once an order has been placed, our Production Control team will review the entire project.

After a careful review and analysis by the Production Control team, the project will move to our programming department. Our programming department uses new technology to best meet your needs.  A virtual machining module is then used to verify the machining process for accuracy, time, and appearance.

Once the job has been programmed, our Scheduling Department will then enter the information into our scheduling system.

The job will be released to the floor once it has been scheduled.

Completed jobs are inspected in our Quality Lab for verification that the manufacturing function has met the established criteria.

Completed jobs are then shipped or delivered to the client.