Equipment & Capacity

DieSand offers a vast array of CNC equipment from milling, turning, EDM wire burning to custom fabrication.

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Hexagon 8325-7 Absolute Arm

Our all new Hexagon 8325-7 Absolute Arm is a portable coordinate measurement machine with a 9.77 ft coordinate measurement arm and a 0.028 mm scanning accuracy. The 8325-7 Absolute Arm provides tactile probing and laser scanning efficiency for high-end portable measurement applications.

This new equipment is among the worlds most accurate measuring and scanning solution on the market. The arm will allow us to provide reverse engineering of replacement parts and maintaining the highest level of quality of all manufactured parts.

HAAS CNC Milling

DieSand Manufacturing has CNC milling and drilling capacity of up to 30″ X 82″ X 30″. Our Variety of high speed machines are equipped with 4th axis tables, automatic tool changers, probing systems, high pressure coolant systems and much more.

We have an impressive selection of manual and hydraulic fixtures that allow us to effectively produce your parts. These machines are all programmed off-line using the latest in CAD/CAM software producing the most efficient tool paths in the industry.

Mazak Quick Turn CNC Turning

DieSand Manufacturing has a wide variety of Mazak lathes that can bar feed up to 4″ diameter,with a tuning capacity of 18″ diameter and 60″ long. Our lathes are equipped with quick change, multi-station turrets,auto-parts loading,automatic bar feed systems. Our lathe work holding options vary from simple chucking to collect chucks and high precision ID Mandrels. Just like our Advanced CNC mills our lathes are programmed off-line using the latest CAD/CAM software.

EDM / Wire Burning

Our AccuteX EDM Machine has Large Capacity Capabilities, X Axis 23.6 inch. Y Axis 15.8 Inch. Z Axis 15.8 inch. As with our CNC mills and turning centers, Off-line programming and the latest CAD/CAM software is used.

Fabrication & Welding

We offer a complete fabrication, repair, and welding services.